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30 SERVINGS, 150g

Instant Kombucha - Mixed Berries

Instant Kombucha - Mixed Berries

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Introducing our gut-nourishing elixir: a tantalising fusion of flavour and wellness, crafted to revitalise your body from within - our delicious Instant Kombucha, your ticket to a healthier gut!

Combining tangy blueberries, sweet strawberries, juicy blackberries, and a hint of tart raspberry, it's a taste that will leave you speechless.
Indulge in nature's finest with our special blend of mixed berries and fermented black tea. Crafted with our own SCOBY, this unique combination delivers a taste sensation like no other.
But it's not just about the taste. Our Instant Kombucha is a powerhouse to support your gut health and immune system by reducing symptoms of IBS, reducing bloating and supporting the digestive system in the most delicious way. It's chock full of:
🌱 Pre + Probiotics: Reinforces the good bacteria in your gut and supports the microbiome
🌱 Polyphenols: Improves digestion, brain function and blood sugar levels
🌱 Flavonoids: Contains powerful antioxidant properties and can help manage symptoms of inflammation
Plus, we preserve all the natural goodies. Our instant kombucha is free from:
🚫 Added sugar
🚫 Additives
🚫 Preservatives
Getting your daily dose of wellness has never been easier. Simply mix our Instant Kombucha with cold water, juice, smoothies or yoghurts, and voila! A refreshing elixir is ready to uplift and delight - anytime, anywhere.


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