100 % Wild Caught Marine Collagen

No added nasties, Just 100% Wild Caught ingredients.

Shown to:

- Increase Skin Elasticity

- Hydrate From Within

- Alleviate Joint Pain


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Say hello to our gut-nourishing elixir: a tantalising fusion of flavour and wellness, crafted to revitalise your body from within - our delicious Instant Kombucha, your ticket to a healthier gut!

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Never run low again. Whether you're a Kombucha loving family, healthy individual or an office full of gut-loving employees. Our subscription will do all the planning for you, with no strings attached! And you will save 15% on every order.

  • Get ready to experience nature like never before with all our all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, fresh from fruits to pure black tea.

  • Super tasty products and also super healthy. How? By using zero additives, zero added sugar, non-GMOs and absolutely no preservatives.

  • We use single-origin policy and work directly with local farmers and growers, making sure they are treated fairly.

  • We understand the impact we can make in the betterment of our communities and that is why we always give back.