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Instant Kombucha Box - Original Flavour Sachets 10 x 5g

Instant Kombucha Box - Original Flavour Sachets 10 x 5g

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Take the power of Kombucha with you 'On the go' - All of your favourite flavours are now available in our single-serve sachets! Convenient and packed with all the same goodness, don't let travel plans disturb your gut health! Make sure to include these in your overnight bag.

Experience the crisp and refreshing taste of apple cider like never before. Picture the perfect balance of tangy apples and a hint of natural sweetness combined to create a harmonious flavour to delight your taste buds.

We've captured the essence of this classic beverage in our Apple Cider Instant Kombucha. By blending the crispness of apple cider with the distinctive earthy tones of fermented black tea, we've crafted a drink that offers a unique and invigorating twist on traditional kombucha.

But it's not just about the taste. Our Instant Kombucha is a powerhouse to support your gut health and immune system by reducing symptoms of IBS, reducing bloating and supporting the digestive system in the most delicious way. It's chock full of:

🌱 Pre + Probiotics: Reinforces the good bacteria in your gut and supports the microbiome
🌱 Polyphenols: Improves digestion, brain function and blood sugar levels
🌱 Flavonoids: Contains powerful antioxidant properties and can help manage symptoms of inflammation

Plus, we preserve all the natural goodies. Our instant kombucha is free from:

🚫 Added sugar
🚫 Additives
🚫 Preservatives

Getting your daily dose of wellness has never been easier. Simply mix once sachet of our Instant Kombucha with cold water, juice, smoothies or yoghurts, and voila! A refreshing elixir is ready to uplift and delight - anytime, anywhere.
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