We are officially Vegan Friendly 🙌🏻

We are officially Vegan Friendly 🙌🏻

Whether you want to go 100% vegan, or just want to dip your toes into the ocean that is veganism, you want to do so with a team that gets it and is authentically vegan. That is why the Superfoods Company has teamed up with the most vegan-friendly people out there. They are so vegan friendly, that it's in their name. 

Our partnership with Vegan Friendly is to make it easier for those who have decided to live, or are living a vegan lifestyle. So, in this blog, we are not going to speak about our products – we will get to the health benefits of those in our next few blog posts. But, we are going to be speaking about how going vegan is not only good for you, but good for the planet too. Even if you don't feel you can go 100% vegan yet, the choice to test the waters will help improve your health and that of the planet. 

Oh, before we get to saving the world and your body, we just want you to know that the most important thing about this journey, whether you're going vegan forever, or at least once a week, is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Learn as much as you can about the lifestyle. This will help you with what will probably be the biggest mindshift change ever, because food makes up a large part of our lives, which affects a large part of what we think about food. Without knowing what thoughts you'll have to change and the habits and behaviours you'll have to fight, you might not achieve the goal you had set out to achieve. So, your intentions of being healthy and saving the planet might feel overwhelming if this step in the transition is neglected.


So, how does being a vegan help with your health? 

Well, this part of the blog isn't an argument against meat – we'll get there in our ‘Save the World’ section. Here, we are going to talk about how the food we eat every day is processed and how that processed food affects our body's health. We can never really avoid all kinds of processed foods, but a vegan diet does help reduce the consumption of said processed foods.

A lot of vegan food isn't packed with artificial ingredients that change its colour, add to its flavour and even alter its texture. In addition, processed food is a lot easier to digest, which in turn, affects your metabolism. This is because your body works less to digest processed foods than it does to digest unprocessed foods. This is why our energy levels don't last as long as they do with unprocessed foods, all of which make weight gain easier. Processing food also tends to rid food of its natural nutrients, in favour of flavour. So, as great as these foods taste, (I mean, we've all been there, right?), they are not worth the risk they pose to our health in the long run, with a higher risk of cancer associated with the consistent and consumption of processed foods. 


Great, now that you know about your body, how does being a vegan help the earth? 

We're so happy you asked. Let's talk meat now. Almost 60% of the world's agricultural land is used to produce beef. We'll let that sink in. Not only that, but a lot of the food that's grown doesn't go to human consumption, it goes to animals. That's right, of all the food we grow in the world, a majority of that goes to feeding meat. In a Global Citizen article, it's said that if all the food used to feed animals used by the meat industry was used to feed humans, we could end world hunger. Imagine that, a world where everyone in the world could eat just because we cut down the meat we eat and the additional by-products that come from those animals, like milk. 

In addition to feeding the world, a vegan-only diet helps conserve water – an incredible amount of water. Not just the water that grows the plants that feed the animals, but the water that also sustains the life of the animals. 

We can go on to speak about the methane and greenhouse gases that contribute to the environmental crisis the world is going through, but I think you get the picture. With that said, we're not saying we dislike meat eaters, but if we can reduce our intake, there is a lot of good that we can do for the world and ourselves. 

That’s pretty deep stuff for a partner announcement, don't you think? Well, that is how important this Vegan-Friendly partnership is for us. So, whether you're a full-on vegan, looking to go into it wholeheartedly, or just looking to try it out, you're in pretty super hands. We said we wouldn't speak to any of our products, and we'll keep our word, but, just hop on over to our store and see how you can strengthen your immune system, boost your health and do several other things with our awesome products. Until next time, stay super. 



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