The Health Benefits of Greens Made Easy

The Health Benefits of Greens Made Easy

It’s no secret there are many benefits of greens in a healthy diet. Vibrant, leafy greens are beneficial to your personal health journey, but who has the time to search out and prepare them? Your solution can be found in the Daily Greens 2.0 blend by the Superfoods Company. Learn more about this delicious supplement that is ready to become your next favourite drink.

What Are the Many Benefits of Greens?

Leafy greens are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Nutrients like choline, which aids in brain development, can be found in greens. You can also thank B vitamins for expanding the neurotransmitters in your brain, while beta carotene helps with your skin's rejuvenation from the inside out.

A few more potential benefits of greens are improved mood, digestion, metabolism, and heart health. It's even possible that they can ease stress by helping your body produce more of the "happiness hormones" seratonin and dopamine.

According to a study by the Francis Crick Institute in London, leafy greens can help prevent certain types of cancer because of a natural enzyme known as I3C. Additional benefits may include lowering blood sugar, thanks to high levels of antioxidants. You can also find lutein, which improves eyesight, and fiber, which aids in weight loss by filling you up without adding calories. Eating greens may lower the risk of stroke and any age-related diseases like macular degeneration. Lower risks of developing diabetes and added bone health are other possible benefits of greens.

Leafy greens are versatile. They can be enjoyed in a salad, smoothie or stir-fry, or baked or roasted. There are as many ways to prepare them as there are varieties of these leafy treasures themselves. However, eating enough of them can be challenging for many people. For a daily dose of greens in a convenient instant form, Daily Greens 2.0 has what your body needs.

How Does Daily Greens 2.0 Provide the Benefits of Greens?

Nutritionists and doctors alike agree that much of the body's immune system is located in the digestive tract, or gut. The keys to a healthy immune system lie with maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria. The boost good bacteria can give your immune system's natural abilities is another of the amazing benefits of greens. Bad bacteria thrive on additives like sugar and preservatives, while good bacteria need fibre.

Daily Greens 2.0 has no additives, just eight quality ingredients, such as organic kale and gotu kola, to improve gut health with natural fiber. All products are vegan, raw, and organic. Daily Greens 2.0 can be enjoyed hot or cold. The Superfoods Company has removed much of the guesswork, so all you have to do is enjoy your new favourite health beverage. There's no complicated preparation involved; just add water. You can also add it to salads or smoothie blends, so it's as versatile as green vegetables but with less hassle.

How Can You Get the Greens You Need Daily?

To conveniently get the benefits of greens and other wellness beverages, check out Superfoods' instant kombucha and other products. You can also subscribe to our blog and learn more about Daily Greens 2.0.
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