The Benefits of Taking Collagen for Gut Health

The Benefits of Taking Collagen for Gut Health

A healthy gut is one of the foundations of overall well-being. Strong intestinal walls protect the rest of the body from microorganisms that may cause it harm and sufficient amino acid levels aid with digestion every step of the way. A sensible diet is one of your best defenses against gut issues, but you may also benefit from a supplement that includes collagen for gut health.

3 Reasons To Take Collagen for Gut Health

Gut issues are not typically shy about making themselves known. You may have experienced a few of the telltale signs that your digestive system is not as healthy as it should be:

  • Food intolerances
  • Strong cravings
  • Pain from gas or obstruction
  • Bloating

Furthermore, these symptoms can lead to fatigue as your body spends extra energy just trying to process what you've eaten. Indigestion can also keep you awake at night, stopping you from getting the sleep your body needs to function at its best.

Collagen is one of the most prevalent proteins in the body. It promotes good gut health in three ways.

1. It Boosts Amino Acid Levels

You can take collagen for gut health to supply your body with all it needs to function properly. This protein contains quite a few amino acids that are essential for good digestion. Three of these amino acids are particularly important for maintaining a healthy gut, especially as you get older:

  • Glycine helps to rebuild your intestinal tract. It also provides support to the liver, which aids digestion not only by producing bile but also by breaking down proteins and carbohydrates in your food.
  • Glutamine feeds your intestinal cells, making them stronger and helping them heal when they are damaged.
  • Proline helps your body absorb nutrients by rebuilding the connective tissue within the digestive system.

While your body does produce collagen on its own, this process slows down as you age. Using products that contain collagen for gut health is a good way to make sure your boy has all the amino acids it needs to keep your digestive system working well.

2. It Can Help You Absorb Nutrients

When the food you eat doesn't break down properly before being expelled from the body, you miss out on the nutrients in it. This negates the whole point of eating in the first place. Collagen helps by bonding with water and acid in the stomach, ensuring that enough of each remains to aid in this stage of the digestion process before the particles pass into the intestines.

3. It May Repair the Intestinal Lining

The restorative properties of collagen make it helpful for building and repairing damaged intestinal walls. When your intestinal walls are fortified, you may experience fewer symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. After drinking products containing collagen, you may notice that your skin looks better, you feel more rested and energetic, and you don't experience as much abdominal pain when you eat.

A Good Source of Collagen for Gut Health

Along with collagen for gut health, Superfoods Company offers a variety of products to help you build and maintain a healthy gut. Check out our selection to promote wellness in your life.

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