Oolong Tea Benefits In Superfoods Kombucha

Oolong Tea Benefits In Superfoods Kombucha

Research has found numerous oolong tea benefits for health and wellness. Discover seven benefits associated with the superior-grade Alishan High Mountain oolong tea that is brewed, fermented and micro-encapsulated in Superfoods Company Instant Kombucha powder. From the high levels of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes in brewed oolong tea to probiotics and other healthful compounds produced during fermentation, Instant Kombucha offers an easy way to get the benefits of both beverages.

1. Oolong Tea Benefits From Antioxidants

The tea plant, Camellia sinensis, contains high levels of polyphenols. These bioactive compounds and other antioxidants can neutralise free radicals in the body, reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of developing conditions for which chronic inflammation is considered a contributing factor. Research suggests that people who drink multiple cups of tea daily may have a lower risk of developing cancer or heart disease than people who do not regularly drink tea.

Oolong tea comes from the same plants that produce white, green and black tea. Oolong leaves are gently rolled to break down cell tissue, left to oxidise for eight hours and then lightly roasted. Antioxidants such as catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins and epigallocatechin gallate or ECGC are present in oolong tea as well as other varieties. The healthful effects of these beneficial compounds increase when oolong tea is fermented into kombucha.

2. Oolong Tea Boosts Energy Levels

An 8-ounce cup of oolong tea can contain anywhere from 10 to 60 milligrams of caffeine, which is equivalent to green tea. By comparison, a cup of black tea contains approximately 50 mg of caffeine and an 8-ounce cup of coffee can contain anywhere from 80 mg to 100 mg of caffeine or more. Low doses of caffeine are energising and have fewer negative side effects than higher doses.

Caffeine has a stimulant effect, but other compounds in tea also promote calm focus while boosting protein production and immune response. Comprehensive energising effects are among the immediate oolong tea benefits. You can also safely drink more servings of oolong in a day than beverages that contain higher levels of caffeine.

3. Polyphenols Can Affect Metabolic Enzymes

Studies show that drinking oolong tea can boost your metabolism for several hours. Polyphenols in oolong tea have also been shown to block the enzymes that cause fat production and activate the enzyme lipase to break down fat stores and lower cholesterol levels.

You can obtain all of these benefits by drinking at least two servings of oolong tea a day. Instant Kombucha offers a convenient way to obtain oolong tea benefits. Alishan High Mountain oolong tea is harvested, semi-oxidized, lightly roasted, fermented and micro-encapsulated into a powder that is ready to mix with water or other beverages.

4. Oolong Tea Promotes Bone and Tooth Health

Research indicates that people who drink oolong tea on a regular basis can be less likely to lose bone mineral density over time. More comprehensive oolong tea benefits include the ability to retain more minerals derived from food.

Oolong tea is also a natural source of fluoride, which prevents cavities. The roots of tea plants absorb environmental fluoride from soil and deposit this mineral in the leaves with greater efficiency than other vegetation. Young tea leaves tend to contain less fluoride than mature leaves. Lower-quality tea tends to contain higher fluoride levels than high-quality Alishan High Mountain oolong tea.

5. Oolong Compounds May Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Several studies suggest that one of the main oolong tea benefits relates to managing blood sugar levels. Oolong tea is a plentiful source of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that slow the digestion of carbs and support healthy liver and kidney function. A recent study suggests that regular tea consumption can help to balance blood sugar levels, while an older study indicates that oolong tea can lower plasma glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Research also suggests that regularly drinking tea can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. A 2009 review study suggests that people who drink four or more cups of tea per day may have a 20% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than individuals who do not drink tea on a regular basis. Kombucha has also been shown to have balancing effects on blood sugar levels in diabetics. The fermentation process breaks down sugar added to tea, rendering the brewed beverage and micro-encapsulated powder very low in sugar.

6. Oolong Tea Could Promote Heart Health

The polyphenols present in oolong tea can reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting the breakdown of fat in the body and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The ability of tea to activate the enzyme lipase is understood to be the basis of this benefit. A large study conducted in 2003 found that people who drank more than six cups of tea every day had significantly lower rates of coronary heart disease.

Oolong tea benefits can be further enhanced by the fermentation process. Research conducted on rats shows that drinking kombucha can improve cholesterol levels. Consuming kombucha on a regular basis has been shown to decrease low-density lipoprotein or LDL and total cholesterol while increasing high-density lipoprotein or HDL levels. Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which neutralises cholesterol deposits.

7. Oolong Tea Benefits Can Reduce Inflammation

Oolong tea contains theasinesins, which are tea polyphenols that differ from the catechins in green tea and theaflavins in black tea. A 2014 study reported that theasinesin A reduced levels of pro-inflammatory mediators in cell and animal models. Antioxidants in tea may reduce acute and chronic inflammation levels throughout the body. Ongoing research indicates even more oolong tea benefits, particularly when consumed on a daily, twice-daily or more frequent basis to promote overall wellness.

Superfoods Company powdered kombucha also provides probiotics and other beneficial nutritious compounds from the fermentation process. Instant Kombucha featuring apple cider retains the sweet floral characteristics of High Mountain Alishan oolong tea. Our kombucha powder is also available in a choice of flavours such as grapefruit, mixed berries and pomegranate, which all provide healthful kombucha and oolong tea benefits.

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