Kombucha culture

Kombucha culture

Kombucha Culture: What It Is and Why It's Good for You

As more people continue to discover the health benefits of fermented foods, kombucha has captured the public attention. In fact, this fizzy, slightly sour beverage has made its way into everyday grocery stores and into the hands of just about everyone, from A-list celebrities to everyday families. 

At its most basic explanation, this drink is simply fermented sweet tea. What transforms average tea into flavourful and nutritous kombucha? The answer: kombucha culture.

Kombucha culture is uniquely generated, and even has a catchy moniker of its own. Thanks to a dynamic chemical process involving beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients, these cultures are how this beverage has earned its status as a powerful, health-boosting superfood.

What Is Kombucha Culture?

Kombucha is made by fermenting black tea, sugar, and cultures made from a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, also known as a SCOBY. This living culture forms a rubberlike fungus that sits atop the tea during the fermentation process, bringing beneficial yeasts and bacteria into the sweet tea below. 

Don’t let the word “fungus” throw you off — a SCOBY is the result of healthy microorganism cooperation, and even provides protection from other harmful microorganisms and bacteria to allow the fermentation process to succeed and the healthy bacteria to thrive.

A SCOBY functions as the brew’s “mother” to add these nutrients, as well as carbonation and a vinegar-like flavour profile, to the sugar and tea to create kombucha’s signature bubbly, sweet, and tangy taste. 

The fermentation process takes between two to three weeks depending on the environmental conditions and the temperature of the processing space. Fascinatingly, SCOBYs are active, living organisms. Both during the brewing process and after fermentation is complete, the drink is infused with healthy, living cultures that fill the tea with the supportive probiotics that make it so nourishing. 

Probiotics and Your Gut Health

Probiotics have long been heralded as champions in the world of digestive health. Your body needs healthy bacteria and yeast to function properly, especially in your gut system. A probiotic is a type of good bacteria that helps your body function properly and stay healthy. 

This good bacteria contributes to your well-being in a variety of ways. Foods that contain probiotics, such as kombucha culture, help the body to:

  • Digest food
  • Prevent bad bacteria from taking over or entering the bloodstream
  • Produce vitamins and minerals
  • Absorb nutrients

Simply put, probiotics can help keep you healthy. As you consume kombucha cultures, your system is exposed to a host of beneficial microbes and probiotics that not only can improve your health and wellness but also can support your body’s defence systems to prevent you from getting sick. 

When Was Kombucha Culture First Discovered?

For centuries, many different cultures have consumed fermented foods, including probiotic-filled drinks. Most historical accounts believe kombucha as it exists today originated somewhere in China as a medicinal beverage, although its name likely comes from Korean practisioner Dr. Kombu, who introduced kombucha to Japanese royalty.

However, a lot of different countries and societies across history have consumed fermented drinks under various names. Tea-based cultured drinks have been documented with many different labels, recorded historically in several geographical locations, and bottled at different stages in the fermentation process. Even today, the drink sees a wide range of flavours and tastes due to the diversity in brewing locations and fermentation methods.

What Sets Kombucha Apart From Other Fermented Drinks?

This popular drink is considered by many to be an acquired taste, especially for those used to sugar-laden fruit juices and sodas, but the final product can vary in flavor quite a bit. 

There is a spectrum of acidity and culture count, and it all generally depends on how long it’s fermented and what is added, if anything, after the batch is deemed complete. One brew may be preferred by a vinegar-loving health enthusiast, while another is better suited for someone with more of a sweet tooth.

Ultimately, the drink provides a vegan, alcohol-free, and nutritious beverage for people from all walks of life. Even those with certain dietary restrictions or allergies can enjoy the probiotic benefits of this wellness drink, as it contains no dairy, minimal caffeine, and no gluten in its pure form. 

Why Should You Drink Kombucha?

Kombucha is a standout wellness drink for many reasons. Its delicious taste and nutritious properties make it a far healtheir alternative to soft drinks and other unhealthy beverages, and its prominence across history as a healing drink make it a standout choice in the world of health foods.

The Health Benefits of Kombucha

Upset stomach? Chronic inflammation? Frequent bloating? Several studies have found that this drink could be a cure for what ails you. 

Kombucha cultures are loaded with tea polyphenols, flavonoids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, which function as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and detoxifying agents. The cultures also produce beneficial enzymes and organic acids, which boost gut health and hold anti-bacterial properties.

Research suggests that specific strains of the bacteria and bioactive compounds present in kombucha can even aid in weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and microorganism elimination, which can reduce the risk of developing some chronic illnesses. 

Where Can You Get Kombucha?

Thanks to its growing popularity, you no longer have to trek to a health market or organic food store to get kombucha. When it comes to finding the right option with the greatest health benefits, it’s a matter of science. Some drinks may claim to have probiotics, but they’re often in small and insignificant amounts, which means your body may not see the benefits you’re after. As well, many manufacturers add additional ingredients, such as preservatives, added sweeteners, and other additives, which often cancel out any health advantages. 

For guaranteed kombucha cultures with a nutritional profile you can trust, Superfoods Instant Kombucha is an easy, great-tasting choice. Our formulas come in a variety of flavours, including pomegranate, berry, grapefruit, and apple cider vinegar, and can be mixed easily with water to be consumed anytime and anywhere you need a delicious, nutritious, and ready-to-drink kombucha. 

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