How Is Instant Kombucha Powder Made?

How Is Instant Kombucha Powder Made?

Kombucha is a simple beverage to brew, but the brewing process involves many steps. Instant kombucha powder provides all of the same benefits as drinking liquid kombucha. Find out more about the brewing process and how the probiotics and other nutritious properties of this tonic are microencapsulated into a powder ready for rehydration.

The 3 Stages of Making Kombucha Powder

The process of making powdered kombucha involves three stages. Discover what occurs during brewing, microencapsulation and rehydration.

Stage 1: Brewing Kombucha

Brewing liquid kombucha is the first step toward making powdered kombucha. The kombucha in Instant Kombucha Powder is brewed with high-altitude black tea grown in the Alishan mountain range of Taiwan. A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY, ferments sugar added to this tea and converts the mixture into kombucha that is ready for microencapsulation.

The kombucha brewing process is continuous. In other words, once a SCOBY ferments a batch of sweet tea into kombucha, more sweet tea can be added, and the process will continue. SCOBYs also grow and multiply over time. After each round of the authentic fermentation process, the finished kombucha is converted into a micro-encapsulated powder through a process that preserves active contents such as antioxidants, enzymes, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

Stage 2: Microencapsulation

A patented microencapsulation process is used to produce powdered instant kombucha. This process preserves all of the active ingredients and associated wellness benefits of the liquid fermented beverage. Once kombucha is microencapsulated, it will remain stable when stored under proper conditions until you are ready to blend the powder with water or other liquids.

Instant Kombucha by Superfoods Company combines microencapsulated kombucha with a tonic dose of brewed apple cider vinegar and soluble fibre. This preparation can be used in a variety of ways, including adding powder to a bottle of water or a blended beverage. The flavour of kombucha may be noticeable, but you can mix in fruits, juice, tea or other cool to room-temperature beverages if desired.

Stage 3: Rehydration

When you use kombucha in powdered form, you have a choice of how to drink this beverage. Rather than choosing from the available flavours of liquid kombucha, you can mix powder in your water bottle, add your favourite fruits and drink the beverage throughout the day for hydration and nutrition. Mixing powdered kombucha into liquids that are very hot is not recommended, as exposure to heat deactivates live cultures.

This powder maintains the full benefits of kombucha because the plants that grow the black tea leaves used for brewing are fertilized with the same symbiotic yeast and bacteria cultures that make the fermented beverage. The measures taken throughout the production process lock the optimal nutritional content into the finished powder.

The Benefits of Kombucha Powder

Powdered kombucha makes this probiotic drink easier to ship, store and use. Many people who include kombucha in their daily routine find mixing Superfoods Company Instant Kombucha Powder with beverages to be more cost-effective than purchasing bottles of this beverage.



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