6 Things To Consider When Comparing Kombucha Brands

6 Things To Consider When Comparing Kombucha Brands

Kombucha is a fermented tea. While the kombucha brands on the market may vary, all of the true kombucha products are similar in their core components. These consist of black or green tea, water, sugar and a bacteria and yeast culture known as SCOBY. The culture is responsible for the unique fizzy, fermented nature of the tea and many of its health benefits. Choosing the right kombucha product helps you avoid imposters.

1. Choose Instant Kombucha Brands To Make Storage Easier

When you want the health benefits of kombucha without the short timeline for storage, you should consider instant kombucha products instead of bottled teas. With instant kombucha brands, you can not only create your daily kombucha tea but also add the powder to many other dishes, including smoothies and salads. That gives you more versatile ways to enjoy the health benefits of kombucha. 

2. Stick With Organic, Unpasteurised Kombucha Products

The bacteria and yeast responsible for kombucha’s unique qualities will die if exposed to the intense heat of pasteurisation. Go with a brand that uses controlled temperatures to process the tea into powder and stay away from pasteurised products.

3. Opt for Micro-Encapsulated Instant Kombucha Brands

Instant kombucha with micro-encapsulated fine particles produces a consistent, well-dissolved product when you reconstitute it. Encapsulation surrounds the grains to keep the yeast, bacteria and fermentation changes protected and preserved for the desired health benefits when you reconstitute the powder.

4. Read the Product Labels

The labels on kombucha products will tell you a lot about the quality of the mix. Look for labels that show low sugar content. The kombucha brands you choose should only use the sugar necessary to feed the fermentation process. Avoid any brands with artificial ingredients, including artificial sweeteners. Everything in the ingredients list should be recognisable, pronounceable food products. In addition, the label should clearly list the active cultures and bacteria present in the kombucha.

5. Look at the Condition of the Reconstituted Drink

If you raise the glass or bottle of your reconstituted instant kombucha to the light to look through the liquid, there should be some cloudiness and visible particles in the amber-coloured liquid. This is a result of the SCOBY and bacteria present in the solution. Any kombucha product that is clear and easy to look through is one you want to skip. Manufacturers of quality instant kombucha use low temperatures for processing to protect the integrity of the bacteria and organisms.

6. Look for Kombucha Brands with Controlled Production

The kombucha brand you choose should depend on highly controlled production and fermentation. This control protects the integrity of the SCOBY and ensures proper fermentation. 

Kombucha is great for gut health, gastrointestinal well-being and metabolism. Quality kombucha brands help maintain the microbiome that your digestive system depends on. Many people struggle to get enough kombucha in their diet because of the short shelf life of traditional products. That’s where instant kombucha can corner the market and solve your storage dilemmas. Check out the products offered by Superfoods Company to find the instant kombucha that’s the best fit.

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